• Testimonials

    I’ve struggled in the past finding a therapist that made me feel completely comfortable. As soon as I met Courtney, I knew she would be someone I could communicate with easily. Courtney has a warm personality and reminds me more of a friend rather than a therapist, which is so important to me. She listens to my concerns and her responses are helpful at putting me at ease. More importantly, she is available. I would recommend Courtney to anyone who is looking for services.

    Courtney has been instrumental in helping me create a better life for myself. Initially, I was hesitant to seek professional help. Previous experiences in therapy left me feeling more anxious, but Courtney has been so patient and reassuring. She is helping me with all of my struggles including eating, anxiety, panic attacks, and adjusting to moving home after college. I am in a transformative chapter, and am lucky to have found Courtney during this time. She’s shifting my perspective, giving me tools to work through my anxiety and while I still face many difficult days, it’s been wonderful to have a someone I trust to guide me. Courtney once told me, she would like to be someone in my corner who I can count on, and I can confidently say she is going above and beyond to support me. She is kind, honest, and most importantly giving me hope that I am capable of living a happy life. I highly recommend her, and wish I found her sooner! Thank you Courtney!

    When I first met with Courtney, she immediately made me feel comfortable. It had been my first time going to therapy and I could not have found a better therapist or better experience with therapy. I have noticed a change in my thought pattern and feel more control in my life. I feel so lucky to have Courtney as a therapist and could not recommend her enough.

    Courtney has been an anchor during a tough time in my life. She helped to reintroduce me to my true self. And I’m so glad I met her, both Courtney and the real me. Self- discovery is a lifelong journey, a marathon and not a race. Having Courtney on the sidelines cheering me on has given me the confidence that I will not lose the real me again.

    Courtney has been a great help to me during my therapy sessions. She made me feel welcomed and at ease right from the start. I feel very comfortable sharing my thoughts with her. She is kind, thoughtful, and sincere with the advice she gives me, and really helps me get to and understand the root of my issues. I am looking forward to continuing working with her.

    Courtney is amazing, she’s so sweet, kind, and loving. She pays attention to every detail and she makes you feel so comfortable with opening up about whatever problems or concerns you have. She has so many tools and techniques she uses in order to help you. She’s Amazing!

    Courtney is incredibly responsive, insightful, and easy to talk to! She creates a comfortable and productive environment that has made a huge difference for me. I reached out to her with no prior therapy experiences and I have only positive reviews. I would recommend Courtney to anyone seeking therapy right now!

    Courtney is absolutely amazing. She always takes the time to respond and offers tremendous insight. I’ve never received counseling and was worried and nervous about what the experience would bring but minutes into the first session I felt really comfortable. Anyone who needs someone to talk to should reach out to Courtney!

    Courtney is very present and game to talk about anything with you. From the very beginning of our first session she allowed me to feel comfortable to open up about what was going on for me. I feel genuinely listened to by her. I would recommend her to anyone seeking therapy!